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Fully developing individual or team potential means developing what is already present, but not yet tangible.

When you live your potential, you experience a sense of usefulness, fulfillment, and joy. You perceive that you play a valuable role in the team/organization, which is important for the whole. The things you do and the relationships you have give you energy.

Imagine the mood in an organization that allows its people to fully develop their potential and is able to create a sense of unity … A place where people meet people.



how we work

We accompany you in discovering your own talents and developing systemic perception.

We are your partner in developing your strengths and systemic leadership. Having the ability to lead a team/organization as a whole (systemically) means promoting the health of the organization. Organizational health is the ability of a system (organization/team) to respond sustainably to volatile changes and external stimuli.

We are a certified GALLUP partner for using the CliftonStrengths® stool. It is a useful tool for self-awareness when working with individuals and teams. Building on strengths means using the present potential, understanding one’s own motivation and the motivation of team members, understanding needs, and using differences for mutual cooperation, as well as understanding shadows or blind spots. This is how you increase mutual understanding, build healthy relationships and enable an environment where people meet people.

Knowing the strengths of individuals and teams is a great foundation for applying systemic-phenomenological approach when further working with your topics. This means looking for solutions in the whole – in the system which you are a part of and at the same time working with the present symptoms and patterns of behavior. Systemic perception in individual or team coaching minimizes waste – time and resources spent on finding solutions. For systemic work, we also use TeamConnect team diagnostics, for which we are a certified partner.

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We also use our own strengths in partnership with you making our work enjoyable and fulfilling. We combine personal work experience with values such as precision, human approach, and significance, making us a respected and trusted partner.


Petra Fusková

Petra’s professionalism with a human touch and commitment to excellence can’t go unnoticed. It surely enabled her career advancement, not to mention her ability to leave a positive footprint in one of the Fortune 500 companies Petra has worked for more than 12 years. Her quality orientation, in combination with her talent to form close relationships with others, positively influenced her leadership style and led to a new standard of success.

Petra has the ability to build bridges between individuals and teams in a way that gives them perspective, guidance, and hope. Becoming the first Slovak woman to be certified as a Gallup strengths coach merely confirms her passion and determination to help people to capitalize on their potential. Her genuine curiosity and passion for people, and her readiness to provide relevant and tangible help enable others to discover new ways and grow.

Her anticipation and visualization of a better future are inspirational for many who then become energized to push themselves to new heights. It is truly satisfying to work with Petra on achieving a shared vision.

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Daniela Sovinec

Working with Daniela means professionalism, making an impact that matters, and delivering results. Over the years in leadership positions in finance, project management, and HR she has always been driven by making a change with purpose.

With her ability to be well organized, you can count on Daniela to be aware of the last detail within a broader context. With her passion to make things happen, she will be a true partner, boosting the pace at which things happen.

Daniela’s professional success is built on turning every challenge into an opportunity and leveraging a hands-on attitude. She guides her approach with a strong work ethic, enabling transparency and trust.

Her natural drive towards quality and excellence brings people around Daniela the energy to always go one step further. Transforming her talents into services for clients makes every co-creation with her a joyful experience!

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