building on your strengths


As an experienced leader, you know exactly how to lead your organization and team economically, financially, and commercially. But do you also get everything from the whole, which is made up of its individual parts? From your people, from your organization, from yourself?

If you lead an organization systemically, you use the ability to notice recurring patterns that represent important information about the current health of the organization or team. Organizational health is the ability of a system (organization/team) to respond to changes and external stimuli.

Systemic leadership means leading a team or organization (system) as a whole. It has been described in recent decades and today is proving to be a necessary skill for the successful continuation of leading teams and organizations. However, it is not a new direction or approach, but a conscious use of the systemic intelligence that a person has. It will allow you to continue your role as a leader with a dose of new inspiration and energy. It is an effective extension to your current leadership style. A superstructure that connects thinking, feeling, and action.
With systemic leadership, we minimize waste – time and resources spent on “forcing and pushing” things. We are able to build trust and foster positive synergies.
Develop the whole person – not just the employee. Lead a team – not just the sum of its parts. Lead the organization as a relationship dynamic.

For whom the program is intended:

For managers, leaders, executives, business owners, and coaches

MODULE 1: ME – leading self

My strengths – my authentic leadership style

Working with your own needs

My potential – where it comes from and its sources

My blind spots (shadows), limiting beliefs, and behavioral patterns

How to consciously strengthen the benefit of your own intervention

The principle of belonging – Where do I belong? Am I seen? What is excluded?

Principle of Order – Clarity of my role and the place from which I enter relationships with others

The principle of exchange – How much I give and how much I receive in my work and the effect of exchange on my experience


MODULE 2: TEAM – leading others

Leading the individual and leading the whole

DNA and team identity

The value of differentness – how we grow in relationships with “weird” others

Systemic listening and perception – an expanded source of information

10 areas to focus on for the teams to flourish

Perception from the first, second, and third order

Systemic functions and formal roles in the team – their differences and potential

The principle of belonging – The team’s right to exist. Who we are to the outside world?

Principle of order – Position of the team within the organization. Guiding principles of the team.

The principle of exchange – The relationship between receiving and giving.


MODULE 3: ORGANIZATION – leading the whole

Guiding principles of the organization.

Change and transformation in the organization from a systemic point of view

Merger, Exit, Job Creation, New Product/Service

Systemic perception in strategy creation

Decision-making and interventions


All modules are guided by an interactive experiential form. Participants learn through their own topics or situations and through case studies.

The Systemic Leadership program was also created thanks to the positive response of our clients who have experienced its original version:

For me, the workshop represented two days spent in a nurturing and wise environment, where an inspiring group of people met. Thank you to Petra and Daniela (lecturers from Maxilogy) for creating a safe atmosphere where I felt comfortable sharing my opinions, experiences, and feelings. It was also beautiful to observe the different views of the participants on the same topics and to be inspired by that and to see how one can look at the same situation or react differently. I left the workshop full of impressions, with a feeling of joy and determination to take on new challenges. The topic of the workshop, the principles of a systemic approach, makes a lot of sense to me and I recommend every individual or organization to participate in a workshop where everything is connected and makes sense at the same time. I think working in an environment that understands the principles of systemic work and can recognize and support an individual’s strengths would be wonderful.

Elena Ančicová, Contract Manager

I realized that I can only achieve true happiness and fulfillment in the field of work if I am authentic to myself and my surroundings and recognize my strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to Daniela and Petra, I quickly learned how to work with my talent. My work fulfills me and makes me happy again, as much as when I started my business. The huge realization I take away is that talents are neutral.

Barbora Akkermans Labudová, Business Owner and CEO

I would like to share my recent experience from the seminar “Leading others through the cultivation of my leadership strengths and systemic perception”. From the first contact with Maxilogy, I knew that I had made the right choice, it was simply a feeling that was confirmed during the entire course. Petra and Daniela had a very professional approach, which was also understandable and practical. But at the same time, they created a safe and confidential space for us to share our feelings, thoughts, and insecurities. In addition to new knowledge and experiences, I took away from these two days self-awareness of how to properly use my strengths so that they do not become my enemy at the same time. And on the other hand, I also became aware of my weak points and ways to support them. My expectations were met and only those who experienced it know what I’m talking about. See you soon for me. Thank you again, ladies.

Monika Brugerová, Real Estate Manager

I signed up for the course “Leading others through the cultivation of my leadership strengths and systemic perceptions” for several reasons: Daniela and Petra are a guarantee of a quality course that I will keep on returning to in my thoughts. It’s a course that works with my strengths, which I already knew a lot about, but I have learned even more – how to work with them as a people manager. The course was intensive for new knowledge, and realizations. It showed me different perspectives one can have on the same thing. Since we were a group of unknown people I really appreciated that Petra and Daniela created a safe environment for sharing many times very personal and sensitive situations, thoughts, and feelings. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to advance in self-understanding, and how to use their strengths in relation to others or within a team. It also helps to understand other people who, at first glance, have completely opposite strengths than you. I really liked the relaxed atmosphere and also that the course works further with what I learned about myself. Thank you very much Petra and Daniela and I look forward to meeting you again!

Lenka Gergely, Finance Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed 2 meaningful days with you on the topic “Leading others through the cultivation of my leadership strengths and systemic perceptions”. I would indulge everyone in this kind of in-depth work with self and for myself, and ultimately for all my interactions with others.
Plan a meeting with yourself, confirm yourself, or rediscover your strengths, your talents and come to perceive them in systemic work. For me, it was an experience and precious time. Thank you Petra and Daniela.

Erika Feketová, Business Owner and Coach

Thank you Petra and Daniela for your guidance. I think it was beneficial for all of us to have a group of people not from the same industry, this brought different views and made the session interesting. I would suggest keeping this set up also for future participants. Having said that the training delivered value and I recommend it to others.

Tomáš Polakovič, Business Services Lead

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this program. I recommend it to anyone who wants to gain a deeper insight into their strengths and how they can use them for the benefit of the client and themselves.

Michaela Bubelíniová, Trainer and Coach

I thank Daniela and Petra for the inspiring workshop and all the participants for the perfect atmosphere.

Andrea Pálková, Head of Center Operations and HR

Doprajte si zážitok zo systemického prístupu v práci s tímami. Táto kniha je tu pre vás a tímy, ktorých ste súčasťou. Objednať si ju môžete v našom e-shope.