4. April 2022 Petra Fusková

TeamConnect is an online tool that provides you with in-depth insights into unconscious patterns and shows you where the unused potential is. That will enable you to get directly into the root cause instead of treating symptoms. Systemic approach (stance, principles, and application) allows you for a real movement, not just a fixation.

Organization´s life is already complex itself. We use TeamConnect as a starting point to get to the very essence of your situation – to understand the present patterns … so that the systemic interventions in the team can target what’s needed for the whole team to thrive.

TeamConnect helps to uncover the resources of a team’s or organization’s potential in situations where, for example:

  • you perceive that the team is not functioning as well as it could
  • you do not understand the situation that is happening, although you went through all the obvious facts
  • leading a team/organization is exhausting
  • you are facing a transformation/shift/change and you want to understand exactly what the current state is (starting point)
  • you are ready for the next phase and want to explore what the next step might be.

TeamConnect consists of 6 online modules:

  1. Me in my work and in my team
  2. Patterns
  3. Team as a whole: team qualities
  4. Team Roles
  5. Energy meter: where am I and where do I want to be
  6. Direct questions

We are a partner of TeamConnect Global community, that works with organizations like yours to create productive & energy-giving teams: TeamConnect Global