27. September 2021 Petra Fusková

Do you see building on the strengths of your people as a meaningful way to grow? Do you aim to lead your organization as a place, where achieving business goals happens while people experience human connection? The place, where differences are an advantage.

In Strengths Academy we share our knowledge and experience working with strengths when leading self and others.

The Academy supports the ability to:

  • lead conversations by tapping into individual and team´s potential
  • guide others in the practical application of strengths knowledge
  • act as a point of contact for answering strengths-related questions
  • enhance your listening skills and create a sense of understanding
  • apply coaching techniques and enable movement in the client’s topic
  • handle difficult situations in interaction with others
  • facilitate team meetings/workshops through a strengths-based approach.

MODUL 1 – Authentic individual.

The impact of strengths-based development

Key terms definition

5 guiding strengths principles

The role of Strengths Ambassador

Areas and forms of application

Coaching stance and practices

4 talent domains and their 34 talents

Talent dynamics

FAQ based on practical experience


MODUL 2 – Communication and coaching practices.

How my strengths define my communication style

3 ways of listening

Stance and principles when communicating with others

The ability to sense what is mine and what is my colleague’s

How I can make my colleague/client stronger and how I make him waker

Handling difficult situations

Conversation techniques and tools


MODUL 3 –Well-functioning team and healthy organization.

3 types of teams

Guiding principles for team collaboration

Getting ready to meet the team: team profile

Facilitation of team workshop

Practical exercises for the team

Usage and impact of strengths-based approach organization-wide

3 systemic principles towards the healthy organization


All modules are led interactively, enabling participants to learn from direct experience and their own case studies, thus anchoring the newly acquired knowledge. The whole program is a combination of group sessions and individual mento-coaching.

Strengths Academy is not a replacement for the certification of Gallup organization.

We are looking forward to welcoming you onboard!